update your clutch with a clutch cover

Here's a great gift for a girl-freind who loves to changes purses. Oh, you don't have a lady freind in your life who is just that damn extra? That's quite alright. Your more classic, stick to a few styles girlfriends will love these coverups too! Clutched & Covered coverups created by Rocquelle are a very inexpensive update to any clutch.

They come in small, medium and large and can be custom-made also. Clutch not included.





ask styleosophy | sweater dress and skirt stickiness (oldie but a goodie repost)

question asked:

how do I stop my tweed or sweater skirts from bunching up on my thighs and grabbing my tights?

question answered:

First option:

Try out different brands of tights looking for more "glide", when the fabric meets the tight, or purchase tights with a higher denier count. But you may be all winter trying to find the perfect glide to keep the sweater dress from bunching. (I like L'Eggs Microfiber Tights, but they have no pattern, which makes them less fun).

Second option:

Buy a slip.

Yes, remember that old-fashioned thing...a slip? Previously, a woman wore a slip regardless of whether or not the skirt she wore had a lining. Then slips went out of fashion as women wore skirts lined or unlined.

I've never stopped wearing them. In fact, I own several in different lengths and fabrics. The only slips I do not care for are the ones that hug you, and have an elastic lip underside which is supposed to grip your skin. They are made to be worn with your most clingiest items, but the slip always rides on me and irritates me to no end.

Putting on a slip with your sweater or tweed skirt will instantly help the skirt lay correctly and smoothly.

Although a lace slip is great to have in your lingerie wardrobe, choose to wear a slip without a laced hemline as the lace may grab the underside of the skirt.

Here are a few choices:


1. The Limited Cable Cowlneck Sweater Dress, 89.00
2. Spanx Slimplicity Lingerie-Strap Slip, 80.00
3. Betsey Johnson SLINKY KNIT SLIP X, 75.00
4. Calvin Klein Underwear Naked Glamour stretch-satin half slip, in nude, 36.00
5. Calvin Klein Underwear Naked Glamour stretch-satin half slip, in black, 36.00
6. Vanessa Bruno Alpaca and Wool-Blend Sweater Dress, 164.50
    Jones New York Slip, Silky Anti Cling Half with Lace,  26.00


jane iredale pure lash extender and conditioner | makeup monday

Makeup Monday is not exactly original...but I wanted to branch out and talk about more than fashion. I'll try to do this feature at least twice a month.

It’s weird when you find something you didn’t know you needed until you tried it.

For decades, I wore the same brand of mascara. One day I woke up with blurry, itchy eyes and subsequently, an emergency eye doctor appointment. He pointed out a few different reasons for the allergic reaction, scolded me, and told me to take a few months off from all eye makeup.

Going without eye shadow and mascara was a not easy path to walk. But I had to get some products that were less likely to irritate my eyes.

While searching for new mascaras, Jane Iredale products made my short list (the story of how I found her products is for another day. Her customer service is AWESOME!!!!).

Which leads me back to the beginning of this story; Jane Iredales Pure Lash Extender and Conditioner is a product I didn’t know I needed until I tried it.

It’s very simply, an eyelash conditioner (like hair conditioner). You know how peanut butter is good by itself? And you add jelly/honey/banannas/whatever and it suddenly your peanut butter is so.much.better?

This is what this product does. My eyelashes look happy every time it sees the tube! Pure Lash is white in the tube, but dries clear. You are instructed not to wait until it dries before applying your mascara. It works great for me whether I let it dry first or leave it tacky.

If you enjoy thickness waterproof mascara provides, but hate taking it off, Pure Lash makes it a breeze by giving your lashes a protective coating.

If you have five good lashes and all the others need help, coat with two layers of Pure Lash, then apply your regular mascara.

If you hate having to layer your mascara, to get volume and length, use Pure Lash first and see what a difference it makes.

After two months my eyelashes are softer, stronger and I can see a few new ones trying to ease their way in. My eyelashes thank you jane iredale!


oh the fun we will have

These babies, just look like they are waiting for fun times! Click on the pic to purchase at Topshop.


my love for no nonsense leggings and tights

Growing up in Michigan, I layered tights underneath any and everything I wore. All of my professional working life I have either worn tights, pantyhose and in more recent years, leggings. As a teenager, many Sundays involved getting ready for church with a new pair (if I was lucky) of No nonsense pantyhose or tights. This brand has been a part of my life for over 20 years.

As a life-long tights and pantyhose lover I was absolutely thrilled when I was chosen to write about No nonsense products. (I know it sound kind of fetish-like...but stay with me).

Tights (and pantyhose) in my opinion are of the most underestimated accessories women have in their style arsenal, and have consistently been overlooked as an easy and inexpensive way to change any look. In recent years I have noticed women shunning tights and pantyhose during the cooler months, simply because they don’t like the way they feel.

Living in Chicago, bare legs in the winter was never my thing (that may change now that I reside in pertually sunny Florida). I took every opportunity I could to switch up my tights game. Sometimes I layered a pair of expresso mini-fishnets over chevron textured tights. Fishnets are hard enough to wear to work, but add an additional layer underneath them and a mid-calf dress and you have a chic look. Why would I miss the chance to bring additional texture and warmth to an outfit?

No nonsense leggings and tights are a accessory to help ease your way into the cooler, fall and winter months.

By adding platform suede stilettos, my No nonsense tights against this cobalt blue dress are phenomenal! The control top pulls me in, and my tights bold diamond print completes this comfortable evening outfit.

Similar dress, tights, and suede stilettos

Also, during this transitional period it’s also a great time to extend the wear of your summer items by mixing them in with heavier materials.

To wear this sheer tunic in a colder area, I would add a long sleeved, slim fitting tee underneath. In this photo, I am rocking the tunic, and my cotton leggings from No nonsense. Adding booties and accessories makes it a complete outfit. 

Similar tunicleggings, and booties

Bonus! No nonsense leggings are completely opaque (love that), which means you can wear a shorter or sheer top and not have to worry about exposing yourself. Riding boots and chunky sweaters are in my future.

Tip: Go down a size when purchasing No nonsense leggings. For instance, if you normally wear a Medium, choose a Small. They run a bit large and you want a snug fit. If there is a reason to call the Fashion Police, saggy leggings certainly qualify.

No nonsense tights and leggings can be easily found at food and drug stores as well as mass retail stores, and are very affordable.

Are you stepping up your tights and leggings game this fall?

Disclosure: I was sponsored by No nonsense for this opportunity. All opinions are my own. But it was hardly difficult writing for them because it's a product I love so much. Follow them on facebook, or on twitter!