sweetest day | music for a happy friday


courage vs. fear | afrobella at tedx port of spain

As long as I have been blogging, I have been watching Ms. Patrice Yursek do her thang over on her website afrobella. I 've mentioned her before on my blog, and I have to say she an invisible freind in my head. Her talk about "courage vs. fear" and "making your own runway" was really on point! I love her writing, and I just wanted to share her light with you all.

Sidenote: Isn't her necklace the bomb!


fashion for your batwings

Getting toned arms like Michelle Obama's just got a little easier.
Skinnyme.com has created weighted bangles for $35 a pair so we can get our workout on while being fashionable.


evolution | back from break

I lost my mojo for a while dear readers. 

Started a new job, did a little traveling, and had to get back into the swing of things.

And to be honest I thought a lot about the direction in which I wanted to continue blogging. Did I want it continue on about just fashion, or open myself up, show more or who I am?

Even writing it down looks funny to me. But my world is so much bigger than just shoes, and fashion. I want to show more of myself, and want this space to evolve with me. So in this new birthday year of 45, I hope you stay along for the ride.

You'll see where I like to eat, what I like to cook, and what makes me look presentable to the world every day.

The look of styleosophy will also be changing. Thanks for hanging.


The sun peeking around a cloud after a storm. Taken by Glenyse, on my deck, 2011.


fab over fifty 2012 gift guide

I was included in the Fab Over Fifty 2012 Guide!

I made suggestions in a few categories, and my selections made it into the Men's Category. Don't let the retro pictures fool you; these are modern gifts for giving in this guide!

Check it out here (and don't forget to enter the giveaways!!!):