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moving day is coming soon

That's why I'm missing in action. I decided to revamp my site.

I currently post on the Squarespace 5 platform and have decided to move up to Squarespace 6. 


(If anyone knows who did this watercolor, let me know so I can credit it properly).

Little did I realize it was kind of of a big deal redesigning my site, but I was ready for a change. You really don't think about that time you coded in some analytics, the typography needs to be a certain shade...let alone creating a new color scheme takes some time. You want certain pages to have a different header. Here comes creating custom badges. Do I want less categories? I do. So is that a 301 or a 302 redirect? Should I create a custom 404 page? It's a lot of work, and it's never perfect.

The biggest reason for the platform jump is not because it was mandatory but because I have long wanted to return to sourcing and selling limited-quantity jewelry, handbags, etc. My old platform didn't have that option, so I thought I would go with tictail or shopify. And I found tictail.com to be REALLY easy to use.

It was time to renew my subscription for Squarespace, and I found that the shop details were included. If you find something you like, you don't get switched to another site to purchase. The fees are pretty standard, but the bonus was I could incorporate everything into one site without figuring out more CSS, API's, templates and stuff. 

My new website will have just that! A brand new store. 

So please be patient with me as I continue the construction. The dust should be settled, and everything switched over by October 15. I hope you enjoy it.

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